June 16: BIG NEWS! Jes will go into more detail about it, but I just have to say I agree with her completely. We've both learned a lot from working on this comic and I know we'll keep learning. We're excited to get it going again, and consider what we've posted so far as the rough draft. Everything needs editing, after all! We've got a lot of thinking and planning and working to do, but in the meantime you can keep up with what I'm working on on my tumblr. It's a mix of work, school, and reblogs of stupid things that make me happy. I'll be putting up Oriyan-related work here as well, as we get things done.

I apologize for the long gap between updates on this site. Iíve been going through a lot lately, and an important question has been weighing on my mind: What should I do about Oriyan? Iím not one who can churn out comic pages quickly. I donít consider myself to be a comic artist. I donít feel like I have the talent or skill for it. So what business do I have drawing a webcomic? I guess the only real answer I have to that isÖ because itís fun! And Iíd like it to continue to be fun. Oriyan was started by Celeste years ago, and, from the start, I was eager to jump in and help. It has been wonderful sharing our world and our characters with you, and, despite my artistic and storytelling shortcomings, Iíd like to continue sharing Oriyan with you! But there are going to be some changes around here. Celeste and I are planning to rewrite and redraw Oriyan, starting from chapter one and going forward from there, and, Iím not gonna lie, itís going to be different this time around. As it is now, weíre incredibly dissatisfied with certain aspects of the story and character designs and instead of living with it weíve decided to do something about it. Iíll continue updating the website with whatever Oriyan material comes along in the meantime, from character design work to ask-a-character replies that Iíve drawn, to fanart and guest strips. Iíve updated today with a couple ask-a-character replies that Iíve drawn for my tumblr. Enjoy, and see you soon.
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